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First Financial Security Leader Credits Her Success to Believing in Herself

first financial security, million dollars, Victoria Le, success tips Earlier this year at First Financial Security, Inc.’s annual JumpStart event in Atlanta, FFS independent contractor and Senior Field Chairman Victoria Le shared with the packed crowd her secrets for success. First, and foremost, she said, “If you want to succeed, you can’t believe what others say. You have to believe in yourself.”

It’s a life principle that’s guided her in all aspects of her professional career, and it’s one that continues to serve her well. On June 1, Victoria and her husband and business partner, Corey Vuu, achieved their second major business milestone this year – they earned a million dollars in a rolling 12-month period. The power couple from Irvine, CA, will be inducted into FFS’ Million Dollar Club on stage at the M Resort Spa Casino Las Vegas on July 16.

But on that January afternoon in Atlanta, Victoria’s focus was on an aspect of the business she really enjoys – helping others find the success in business that she has experienced.

“I was not supposed to succeed,” she told attendees, who quickly took notes as they listened. “When I started this business, I had no insurance experience, I was working another full-time job, and I was a new mom. I had no office and no team.

“What I did have was a strong belief in my ability to succeed. Don’t let anyone else dictate your success. If you believe you can do it, you can.“

Since she joined First Financial Security in August of 2009, Victoria has achieved nearly every goal, award and accomplishment on which she’s set her sights. In fact, this is the second major accolade for Victoria and Corey this year. In March, the couple achieved $900,000 cash flow in a rolling 12 months and added a record ninth diamond to their Champions Club ring.

Victoria has always been a prolific producer, who has built her business through her endless energy and enthusiasm for the company and the opportunity. But also it’s her unerring ability to recognize and recruit talented individuals who, like Victoria, believe in the FFS Vision to help all people achieve financial security and peace of mind. Together they are building an organization that is changing not only their lives, but also those of the people they touch through this business.

“It’s important to always remember why you got into the business in the first place,” Victoria says. “For most people it’s to provide for their families. The FFS opportunity offers the flexibility to have two priorities in your life – your family and your business.”

For Victoria, her “why” is clear – husband Corey, daughter Bella and the many clients and teammates she helps with her FFS business.