FFS Best Year

As both the year and the decade come to an end, we’d like to celebrate a monumental achievement for First Financial Security: our sales force reached more cash flow milestones in 2019 than any other year in company history. We held a 24-week streak from March to September, hitting milestones all but five weeks this year.

When we say we reached more milestones than any other year in our history — we mean that we beat our year best by over 50%. Our team answered our call to be driven in 2019 by aggressively hitting milestone after milestone. We saw people sail through multiple milestones in a single year with FFS — never losing momentum.

These milestones were not concentrated at our lowest milestone, nor limited to our highest earners. We have consistently added members to each milestone category — finishing with more members in each of our Success Society, 75k Club, Champions Club, Chairman’s Club and Multiple Diamond Earners than in any year to date. Every level of our business is thriving, and we’d like to give everyone a round of applause.

We’d like to thank everyone who worked so hard this year to achieve these incredible numbers. This is the FFS that will launch our businesses to another level in 2020. We’ve closed the decade strong — let’s make the next one even better.