Mark & Bridget Biermann Promotion to Executive Field Chairman

First Financial Security, Inc is proud to announce that Mark and Bridget Biermann earned their tenth diamond on Friday, May 15th and received the title of Executive Field Chairmen. We are proud to welcome them as the newest members of the FFS Chairman’s Club.

The Biermanns became two of the fastest-growing producers in FFS history, leaving behind their successful home-building business in 2014. After putting so much care into building homes, Mark and Bridget felt helpless as they watched client after client face foreclosure during the 2008 financial crisis.

“People would lose their home to the bank in foreclosures. We found out that 80% of the time it was because people were ill or injured,” says Mark. “Back then, we never knew that life insurance had living benefits; when we found out, we thought, ‘There are a lot of people that we could share this with.’”

The Biermanns wanted to offer people financial security and found that building a business with FFS was the best way to do it.

After attending LC15 and listening to speakers like Victoria Le and Corey Vuu, they decided it was time to go all in with FFS. They found that the carrier representatives and Home Office Staff were approachable and eager to help them succeed.

“After LC15, we knew we had to put a game plan together,” Mark says. “FFS events are a good way to fill your gas tank back up. It’s a good way, twice a year, to have everybody come together like that. It builds energy; it builds endurance.”

Since then, the Biermanns have been on the fast track to success; now, they are officially the fastest agents to make Chairman’s Club from their FFS start date.  When asked what agents can do now to replicate their success, the Biermanns stress the importance of credibility and expertise.

“It puzzles me when people say, ‘I want to become a Champion’s Club member,’ but then they don’t want to do what it takes to get there. They just think it’s going to happen somehow, but it’s not magic,” says Mark. “When people don’t want to plug in and learn more, it’s a problem.”

Mark and Bridget have been using their time since COVID-19 to check in on their clients and make sure they’ve been satisfied with their protection in action. “This isn’t the time to be a salesman. This is the time to be a person who cares,” says Mark. “The products are so good they will just sell themselves.”

The Biermanns are not alone in seeing this as an ideal time to lean into their FFS business—many others are either joining their team or renewing their licenses to dive back into their businesses. In fact, more people have joined the Biermanns so far in 2020 than in all of 2019. It’s clear that the Biermann’s success has been an inspiration to all.

Since joining in 2014, we have watched the Biermanns transform their efforts into a powerhouse business. We know that this is the latest step on their journey with FFS. Even in a time of crisis, we’ve seen them thrive. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for their success.