First Financial Security, sponsors LiSA Literacy Project, best financial education, financial literacy

LiSA Initiative, a grassroots women’s organization sponsored by First Financial Security, announced today that it has partnered with the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) to bring much-needed financial education resources, workshops and awareness promotion to communities across the countries.  The two organizations’ first joint project is set to begin this year, and will combine the NFEC’s established financial education curriculum with LiSA’s dynamic financial literacy coursework to create the LiSA Literacy Project.

LiSA Initiative, sponsored by First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS), was designed to address the financial challenges that American women from all walks of life face every day.  By providing education, mentoring, and an entrepreneurial opportunity, LiSA helps women take control of their lives and make positive changes to achieve financially secure futures.

Read the full press release for details.