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First Financial Security, Inc.’s LiSA Initiative is a grass roots women’s movement designed to Inform, Educate, and Empower.  LiSA is a three pronged approached: mentoring and coaching, education and financial literacy, and an entrepreneurial opportunity designed to put women in a position to win.

Over the last six weeks, LiSA Initiative released a series of articles that examined America’s growing Financial Literacy crisis and ways to combat it. These articles sought to drive awareness to the problems, encourage dialog among diverse groups of communities, corporate entities, and constituencies, and to lead to the creation of education opportunity and programs that can help people achieve their dreams.

Lack of basic financial education has a crippling effect. It hurts women who are increasingly responsible for the financial wellbeing of their households. The youth of tomorrow’s generation experience setbacks and cannot climb out of the financial hole they were born into. More often than not, a desperate reality settles in and many fall prey to the predatory lending trap.

But in the face of this bleak reality, there is hope! LiSA Literacy Project First Financial Security, LiSA Initiative, series of articles on financial  literacychampions financial literacy in order to affect change within communities. Both through community outreach and financial services, LiSA will bring about the change so many desperately need.

We strongly encourage you to read up on LiSA’s financial literacy series. Share these incredible resources and become part of the conversation.

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