We are thrilled to have Inky Johnson as our keynote speaker for JumpStart 2020. Feeling unmotivated or uninspired? Listen to Inky’s story and experience the JumpStart of his powerful message.

13 years ago, Inky Johnson was a star athlete destined for the pros. A routine tackle during a game changed everything. Faced with a life-threatening injury, Inky survived with a paralyzed right arm, daily pain and the reality that his athletic career had come to a close. Inky came from a difficult background and the loss of that future could have taken his spirit along with his health. Instead, it has made him an incredible motivational figure who inspires his audiences to get after their dreams and change their futures.

At JS20 we’re launching a new season of FFS – new visions, new dreams, new goals. Don’t let the opportunity to listen to this man who endured hardship and come out stronger on the other side pass you by.

JS20. Launching January 10-11 in Atlanta.

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