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Several First Financial Security, Inc. employees and their family members volunteered on behalf of LiSA Initiative to give away nearly 800 free pairs of athletic shoes at Roswell (GA) Day of Hope.  LiSA, the FFS-sponsored, grassroots women’s movement, was one of several area organizations participating in the daylong community outreach event on Apr. 25, 2015 in Roswell’s Mimosa neighborhood.

This is the seventh year Hope Roswell, a group of community churches, has banded together to stage the event at Mimosa Elementary School, located in an area that has struggled economically in recent years. LiSA sponsored the festival’s popular shoe tent and, in addition to handing them out, was tasked with getting the athletic shoes donated by area businesses.

More than 1,200 families attended the festival, where they were treated to complimentary haircuts, eye exams, health screenings, and of course, tennis shoes.  A local restaurant provided plenty of good food, and music filled the air. Children enjoyed train rides and arcade-style games, as well as competing in soccer and basketball.

LiSA’s outreach program provides an entrée into neighborhoods that need its services. Involvement with Roswell Day of Hope is helping LiSA build relationships with community leaders and citizens in the Mimosa neighborhood, where it hopes to provide bilingual financial literacy programs this fall.

LiSA Initiative was created to address the financial concerns that women from all walks of life experience every day in this country. By providing financial education, training and mentoring, and an entrepreneurial opportunity, LiSA helps women take control of their lives and make the positive changes necessary to achieve financial security.

But LiSA’s concern also extends to the men and youth of America who, along with women, are not receiving even a basic financial education – in school or in the home. Without an understanding of how money works, people cannot make smart decisions about their personal finances, and it can lead to devastating consequences.

This challenge compelled LiSA Initiative to lead a Financial Literacy movement in America. LiSA’s goal is to ensure that all people have access to a solid financial education that will put them on track to achieve financial security and peace of mind.

LiSA is enlisting many organizations from around the country in its cause. The organization recently partnered with National Financial Educators Council (NFEC). By combining the NFEC’s established financial education curriculum with LiSA Initiative’s financial literacy coursework, LiSA Literacy Project was born. This private-labeled curriculum includes educational modules addressing a variety of money-management skills from budgeting and managing debt to investing and retirement planning.

First Financial Security and its employees were proud to put their best feet forward and be a part of LiSA’s outreach efforts with Roswell Day of Hope.

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First Financial and LiSA at Roswell Day of Hope