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Financial Wellness Program

This summer, First Financial Security, Inc. employees will be invited to participate in a voluntary pilot program created by LiSA Initiative to help decrease stress in the workplace. Unlike other programs, LiSA’s approach will focus on one of major causes of workplace stress – financial worries.

“Earlier this month, we met with FFS executives and employees to explain how the pilot Corporate Personal Financial Wellness program would work,” explained Debbie Gerlicher, Chair of LiSA Initiative. “We will use our LiSA Literacy Project curriculum that was private-labeled by the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) to develop classes based on employee interest.”

The curriculum is expected to include courses on a variety of financial and money management subjects, such as budgeting, savings, credit, credit repair, purchasing a home, financing college, savings, retirement, and insurance. Additionally, LiSA representatives who have been certified by the NFEC will offer financial coaching and mentoring.

“We are excited to be able to make available programs, such as Corporate Personal Financial Wellness, to our employees,”  said Meg Jones, President of First Financial Security, Inc. “We believe that when people feel in control of their finances, they feel they’re in control of their lives. This pilot program is in alignment with our company’s core values and our commitment to ensuring that all people achieve financial security and peace of mind.”

First Financial Security, Inc. sponsors LiSA Initiative, a powerful grassroots movement created to address the financial concerns that women from all walks of life experience every day in this country.

Financial Wellness

LiSA Initiative is sponsored by First Financial Security, Inc.