American National Insurance Company (ANICO)

First Financial Security (FFS) and American National Insurance Company share a mutual theme, Partners for Life. FFS is proud to join forces strategically with American National to advance our common goal of reaching under-served Middle American markets.

First Financial is a partner of American National, life insurance, stable, credible companyAmerican National follows the conservative investment philosophy first established by its founder, W. L. Moody in 1905.  The adherence to these guiding principles has ensured that American National remains financially strong and viable.  The company is driven by its corporate vision to be a leading provider of financial services for current and future generations.  This is evident by American National’s financial strength ratings of A.M. Best – “A” (Excellent)1 and Standard and Poor’s – “A” (Strong)2.

American National offers a rich and diverse portfolio of insurance strategies that can be customized to meet any client’s needs.  Among the options open to First Financial Security representatives and clients is one product championed above the rest: Life 360°. It’s an Indexed Universal Life Insurance product issued and underwritten by American National. Whether you are a customer or representative of FFS, you are positioned to profit from the partnership built between American National Insurance Company and First Financial Security.

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Ratings reflect current independent opinions of the financial capacity of an insurance organization to meet the obligations of its insurance policies and contracts in accordance with their terms. They are based on comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the company and its management strategy. The rating agencies do not provide ratings as a recommendation to purchase insurance or annuities. The ratings are not a warranty of an insurer’s current or future ability to meet its contractual obligations. Ratings may be changed, suspended, or withdrawn at any time. For the most current ratings view the full rating reports on American National’s Internet site at

1A.M. Best’s active company rating scale is: A++ (Superior), A+ (Superior), A (Excellent), A-(Excellent), B++ (Good), B+ (Good), B (Fair), B- (Fair), C++ (Marginal), C+ (Marginal), C (Weak), C- (Weak) and D (Poor).

2 Ratings from ‘AA’ to ‘CCC’ may be modified by the addition of a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories.