Financial Friday Round-Up

Welcome to the Financial Friday Round-Up, where we scour the web for the best things to read, watch, or listen to regarding finance every week. Check out the links below for digital marketing tips during isolation and how to transition from work to leisure while working from home, plus much more.

Digital Marketing Tips During Isolation: Don’t Quarantine Your Brand

With plenty of businesses transitioning fully from physical locations to operating remotely, it can be difficult to uphold your marketing efforts at a consistently high quality during this time. The National Association for the Self-Employed is here to help, with quality advice on how to create relevant (but sensitive) content and how to talk to customers digitally.

The New Graduate’s Guide to Finding a Job, Paying Off Loans, and Saving Money in the Age of Coronavirus

While this Money guide is intended for recent college graduates, a lot of the advice is evergreen for anyone who wants to develop good financial habits in today’s economy. For more information on topics covered here like good credit and student loans, try checking out our back catalog of Focus on YOUR Money posts.

Healthy Ways to Transition From Working at Home to Simply ‘Home’

How do you convince your brain to transition from work mode to home mode without a daily commute to separate the two? Many who work from home now put in an extra three hours per day but do not adequately decompress when they clock out. Thankfully, Businessweek offers some scientific solutions to help us relax after a long day.

The Industries Hit Hardest by the Unemployment Crisis

FiveThirtyEight has analyzed the unemployment data pouring in from the past few months and lays out which industries are struggling the most. While everyone empathizes deeply with those who are losing employment to circumstances beyond their control, it is worth noting that “insurance carriers and related activities” have seen the least change of anything on the list, with only a 0.2% loss of employees across the country since February. We hope this good luck for our industry encourages people to work hard, reach out and try to help those who need financial security and peace of mind.


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