Financial Friday Round Up

Welcome to the Financial Friday Round-Up, where we scour the web for the best things to read, watch, or listen to regarding finance every week. Below you’ll find tips to strengthen your business, how to think like a role model, and interviews from some well-known founders on the joys (and struggles) of being an entrepreneur.

What I Love—and Hate—Most About Being an Entrepreneur

The Wall Street Journal’s Kelly Spors asked six famous entrepreneurs — from companies like New Belgium, Allbirds, and LinkedIn — about the best and worst parts of entrepreneurship, and the results are enriching. From the joys of creating your own work culture, to the uncertainties of building something to call your own, each of these answers is enlightening in their own way.

The Role Model Mindset: Being a Great Entrepreneur Is About Showing Others What’s Possible

Building your own business is also an exercise in becoming a role model. At least, that’s what Alex Lazarow posits for as he cites the ways in which entrepreneurs support their business ecosystems, solve big problems, and always make something out of nothing.

5 Ways to Help Your Finances Recover from Coronavirus

This piece from Kiplinger will help alleviate some of your anxiety about the state of your finances in the midst of this pandemic. With solid and unique tips like updating your legal documents, fortifying your retirement income plan, and reevaluating your tax plan, applying some of this advice is a great way to bolster your emergency finances.

4 Ways Solopreneurs Can Strengthen Their Businesses

Sometimes it can feel as if you’re running your business all by yourself. If you’re ever asking yourself, “What can I do as an individual to strengthen my business?” look no further than these pointers on how to keep your business thriving using your own personal efforts. Strengthening digital presence, addressing pain points, and cutting marketing as little as possible are all laid out and expanded on in this advice column.


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