Financial Friday Round-Up

This week, the world has been shaken up by COVID-19, and our Financial Friday Round-Up is dedicated to pieces on how this global situation could affect us all. Click any of the links below to read about hopeful stimulus measures from Congress, how China is returning to work, how a top AIDS researcher is dedicated to a Coronavirus treatment, and more.

10 Coronavirus Stimulus Measures That Could Help You in 2020

Kiplinger reports on ten government actions to keep us hopeful in the coming months. Congress has considered many different measures to help curb the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, including stimulus checks, a tax deadline extension, and student loan relief. Particularly relevant to our agents will be the waiving of the 10% penalty for early retirement withdrawal proposed for those infected.

With its Epidemic Slowing, China Tries to Get Back to Work

A sliver of good news for the global economy: the epidemic in China has slowed down, and if all goes well, “many analysts think that China’s businesses will be back to full capacity by the end of March.” The Economist reports on what it takes for China to get back to work, and what it means for the rest of the world.

Famed AIDS Researcher Is Racing to Find a Coronavirus Treatment

David Ho, Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and perhaps the most famous AIDS researcher in the world, has pulled together a team of scientists and focused his energy on treating Coronavirus. “The chances that this research, or similar research elsewhere, will yield a treatment are relatively high,” Businessweek reports, while also mapping out the fascinating details of how to search for a cure.

‘There Is Plenty of Food in the Country’

Depending on which stores you’ve been to, you may have been alarmed at the number of empty shelves in our grocery chains over the past week. This could bring you to worry that America is running out of food, but “the nation’s biggest retailers, dairy farmers, and meat producers say that isn’t so.” Read this piece from The New York Times for the good news—we’ll still have plenty to eat.


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