Financial Friday Roundup 2/24-2/28/2020

Welcome to the Financial Friday Round-Up, where we scour the web for the best things to read, watch, or listen to regarding finance every week. Below you’ll find insight into how economists have begun accounting for gender inequality, how coronavirus is changing the scientific community and travel secrets that can save you money.

Economists Discover the Power of Social Norms

The Economist reports an interesting new development in the field of economics as experts are beginning to take into account the power of social norms on gender inequality. Taking the lead from other fields like social psychology, economists are now considering evidence that preferences are socially determined when developing their models and theories.

Travel Secrets That Save You Money

Want to get away this summer? Save money on travel by following this nifty guide from Kiplinger’s, including tips on avoiding delays, finding cheap airfare, and knowing when to pounce on a deal.

Wall Street Is (Finally) Waking Up to the Damage Coronavirus Could Do

The financial world is adjusting its view of the coronavirus as it progresses daily. Read this New York Times piece to understand how investors are projected to react as the virus spreads.

What Companies Are Telling Employees About the Coronavirus

The New York Times has compiled a piece on all the different ways companies have been reacting to news about the coronavirus in the corporate world. From restricting travel to sending workers home, follow this link to understand the impact the virus may have on work environments.

Coronavirus outbreak changes how scientists communicate

Intense communication between experts over social media and the internet has allowed biologists and other scientists to react to the coronavirus faster than any previous outbreak in history. It’s “a completely new culture of doing research,” as virologist Isabella Eckerle of the Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Disease put it. Check out this piece from Science Magazine to learn more about this amazing development in the scientific community.


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