We strive to eliminate the hard parts of starting a business — administration, technology, and training — by providing the technology and resources our agents need to build the strongest businesses they can. Over the last two years we have dramatically expanded our training with the launch of Entrepreneur’s Edge, Carriers’ Corner, First Things First, Focus on Your Money and Annuity Hour webinars as well as expanded academy trainings at our events. Following positive impact of these initiatives, we are streamlining our FFS training by offering agents a clear track to success on a single platform, available 24/7.

Success Tracks is our online learning curriculum where agents can learn how to get their businesses up and running with FFS within 90 days of joining and how to effectively implement every principle of our Business Building System – Build, Lead and Sell. Each Success Tracks course contains text and video lessons on a given subject, followed by quizzes and assignments to ensure the information sticks. Whether they are a new agent or an industry veteran, Success Tracks provides these benefits for every FFS agent:

Quality Onboarding

  • Familiarizing agents with our resources quickly and easily.
  • Providing agents with resources to get licensed and contracted as soon as they join.
  • Taking pressure off field trainers to guide every aspect of onboarding.

Consistent Training

  • Ensuring each new agent learns in the best way possible.
  • Guaranteeing all training materials offer the correct information.


  • Allowing all agents to access training materials 24/7.
  • Giving agents the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Success Tracks is now live with five courses. We have a complete introduction to FFS and how to get licensed and contracted with our carriers, as well as introductions on how to grow your business, build your team and understand life insurance products to get selling quickly.

This is a game-changer for the industry; no one else provides such comprehensive training that can be accessed 24/7 on topics that cover every aspect of our business. Our goal is to give all agents a blueprint for success at First Financial Security. With Success Tracks, there’s no barrier to building a thriving business in financial services.

“Success Tracks is great,” says Executive Field Chairman Brian Moua. “When a new agent comes onto the team, there is no more guesswork. The blueprint of the business and the practical work are all laid out clearly.”