National Opportunity & Informational Seminars (NOISe)

First financial Security, Andy Fiorenza

First Financial Security National Training Director, Andy Fiorenza, along with top field leaders, Home Office executives and carrier company representatives, hosts National Opportunity & Informational Seminars (NOISe). This intensive, informational seminar/event is offered several times during the year in cities across the country with major concentrations of field associates living and working there.

Where else could you and your guests participate in an exciting Business Opportunity Presentation in the morning and gain financial knowledge in the afternoon? A NOISe event is a unique learning experience allows participants to:

Attend a NOISe event, and you’ll learn from FFS’ top field leaders, many of whom work in your area, FFS home office team members, and FFS’ carrier partner providers:

All in One Room.  All in One Day.

If you attend a NOISe meeting, you’ll satisfy a requirement to complete Base Shop Field Training. BSFT is required of all new associates and recommended annually for all associates as part of ongoing training.

Register online for $25 or pay $30 at the door. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. NOISe meetings are free for guests and prospects. All attendees can expect to receive complimentary continental breakfast.

Go to your FFS Agent Back Office > Quick Links > NOISe. Here you can find more information and an event schedule, as well as learn how to register.