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At the beginning of the year, First Financial Security hosts a kick-off event, currently known as JumpStart. This intensive, two-day training event’s focus is on leadership development, product knowledge and business-building strategies and techniques. It is preceded by a day-long RMD Academy, another training opportunity that helps newly promoted and existing Regional Marketing Directors become CEOs of their own businesses.

JumpStart also sets the tone for the upcoming year by providing field leaders and associates who attend with a first look at the direction, programs and services, and materials that will roll out in the coming months.  Attendees meet with Home Office staff, hear from preferred carrier professionals, and learn from key field leaders. Outstanding performance is recognized as leaders receive awards and honors during the two-day meeting.

The themes for the past three JumpStarts are linked together and reference the organization’s tremendous growth in recent years:

2015 – Inevitable. The 2015 JumpStart event explored the ways that the organization had positioned itself to achieve “inevitable” success. First Financial Security had filled key executive positions in the home office, made good on its commitment to innovate on all levels, and put into place programs that would not only invigorate the company, but would allow it to realize its goal to change the face of insurance.

2016 – Unstoppable. FFS marked 10 years of business excellence in 2016, and JumpStart served as the official start of a year-long celebration. The event was the first of many that recognized the organization for being an “unstoppable” force for positive change within the financial services industry.

Momentum has been on First Financial Security, Inc.’s side. The Atlanta-headquartered financial services company had debuted new marketing, branding and messaging strategies. FFS had embarked on an ambitious and noble cause to bring financial education, empowerment and entrepreneurial opportunities to all people.

2017 – Unleashed. JumpStart moved to the Minneapolis (MN) Convention Center, following two years in Atlanta. It offered building and leadership training, with an emphasis placed on “unleashing” FFS’ vision of helping all Americans achieve financial security and peace of mind.

When FFS leaders and associates from around the country return to the Atlanta area in January 2018, they will experience an event different from the typical, beginning-of-the-year meeting. JumpStart 2018, Jan. 5-6 at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast, will be RADICAL.

The event will focus on the:

  • Radical Thinking
  • Radical New Ideas
  • Radical Solutions to Help More People Achieve Financial Security and Peace of Mind

These ideas will be necessary to help take an already successful company to the next level. Another change from previous JumpStart events is that 2018 will feature special guests, Afterburner, a team of elite military professionals who are experts in helping teams and organizations achieve excellence.

No matter the year, Jump Start is a must-attend event for any leader who is serious about his or her business. The event has been known to ignite explosive growth within the organizations whose leaders have attended. It’s vital to your success to be there!

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