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For many people today, life insurance is a big mystery. They know they need it, but don’t have a clue how much or what type they need. They think it’s too expensive to purchase; it’s not. Depending on the insurance policy purchased, it could cost about $30 a month.1

First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) joins other financial services organizations around the country to help clear up the confusion. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) and the annual event will bring much needed attention to this important financial product.

For its part, FFS believes education is the key to dispelling myths and changing perceptions about life insurance. FFS will push out information on its social media and company websites, as well as on its blog site, On the latter, FFS plans to post articles on a variety of life insurance-related topics each Tuesday during the month.

On Thursdays, FFS will feature some of its life insurance-related videos, including one in Hmong, the native language of a large number of FFS associates. FFS will use its social media platform to post a variety of memes, focusing on life insurance facts, the troubling statistics and helpful solutions.

For the second year in a row, LIAM’s National Spokesperson is NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. This year, Patrick’s message focuses on becoming financially fit and the role life insurance can play in getting a financial strategy in shape. FFS will incorporate resources from, the organization that coordinates and promotes LIAM each year, into its awareness campaign.

Life Insurance Awareness Month 2017 Statistics Graphic

Life Insurance Awareness month is the perfect time for clients to take stock of their insurance needs. FFS encourages its independent financial associates to meet with their clients to review existing policies. Have there been life changes that require the addition or subtraction of beneficiaries? Have goals for the future changed that require an update to current financial strategies?

Today, life insurance is so much more than simply a risk management tool. The more people know, the more they need life insurance.