first financial security, president,

First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) President Meg Jones announced that the company was raising its join fee to $49 effective June 1, 2017. Since the beginning of 2016, the company has charged a special join fee of $10 enacted as part of a year-long celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary. The commemorative fee is set to expire soon.

“We are determined to help as many Americans, who want to achieve financial security and peace of mind, as possible,” Jones said. “We do this by providing financial education and access to innovative insurance products, but another important way is through our entrepreneurial opportunity which allows them to build their own financial services businesses.”

Jones explained that the $49 price point is still affordable and considerably less than many of the organization’s competitors charge. She stressed that the join fee has never been a profit center for the company, but rather, it covers the cost of providing associates with a wide range of tools and services.

In addition to use of the FFS name, brand and good reputation, the join fee covers a variety of business-building tools, including:

Agent Back Office website – This password-protected site is a powerful resource for running and managing a business. The site is intuitively organized for ease of use and includes several reporting tools that can be used to monitor personal and team activity; business documents and forms; How to information, such as getting licensed and appointed; the FFS Field Manual; recognition, events and contest information; training, Marketing downloads; financial calculators; presentations; FFS news; and much more.

Welcome Kit and Welcome Emails – Within days of joining FFS, new associates receive the FFS Welcome Kit, containing information to get a business off to a fast and smart start. New associates will begin receiving a series of Welcome emails that offer additional information and encouragement from key FFS Home Office leaders.

Marketing materials – Associates have access to a large library of professionally created marketing brochures, flyers, posters, manuals, customizable templates, banners, and more for use with internal and external audiences, such as business associates, clients and the public.

Communication tools – FFS associates can customize their own email address while leveraging the power of the FFS brand name recognition, ensuring those with whom associates communicate know they are part of a well-respected financial services company. Business Builder websites are professional, personalized websites created for any associate who wants one, with the site, including content, managed by the company. FFS offers professional business card templates that can be printed affordably at a printer of choice.

Websites – Associates can introduce the company to the people with whom they connect through the corporate website and blog site. The company has created a robust social media platform that encourages associates to like and share FFS content, using it to build their own social footprint.

Dedicated Home Office staff – A dedicated Home Office team is available to provide information and support to FFS business owners, helping to shoulder some of the normal challenges of starting a new business or running an established one.

Extensive training online and live – FFS believes strongly in mentoring and developing its entrepreneurial field force. For training to succeed, it must be readily available. That’s why training sessions are included at company events and meetings, as well as offered through an extensive online library of training webinars and materials.

A step-by-step guide to building a successful business – This manual provides the FFS business owners a comprehensive blueprint for building and running their businesses.