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First Financial Security, Inc. and LiSA Initiative Participate in Financial Literacy Month

Today begins a celebration of financial literacy month in this county. It was in 2004 that the U.S. Senate unanimously passed Resolution 316 and sent it to then President George W. Bush for signing. Each year since, people have been working to “highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach Americans how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits.”1

First Financial Security, Inc. celebrates Financial Literacy Month this April 2016 in partnership with LiSA Initiative and the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC)Financial education for all Americans is an important cause for First Financial Security and, especially, LiSA Initiative, the grassroots movement it sponsors. The company will mark Financial Literacy Month with social media memes, website banners, a video, and articles posted to, the FFS blog site, and others.

Each piece created for the month will include information designed to generate awareness of the lack of financial education among Americans and provide people ideas to help get their financial futures on the right track.

Here is what’s planned for Financial Literacy Month:

  1. Social media memes will play a large roll in getting word out about Financial Literacy Month. The plan calls for different styles of meme to be posted on a specific day of the week throughout the week. First Financial Security’s associates from around the country will be encouraged to like and share the memes.

Millionaire Quiz Mondays. People can test their knowledge of millionaires and the traits that have allowed them to amass great wealth. The 10-question test includes answers and will be spread out over the four Mondays in April.

LiSA CFEIs in Action Tuesdays. Through LiSA Initiative and the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC), First Financial Security leaders can become Certified Financial Education Instructors (CFEI) and begin teaching financial concepts in their communities. FFS will salute some of these CFEIs who are making a difference.

Financial Literacy Heroes Wednesdays. The individuals highlighted each Wednesday are personal heroes of First Financial Security Co-CEO and LiSA Initiative Chair Debbie Gerlicher, who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to financial literacy. These are people who are making a difference by encouraging, teaching and sharing with others to help them achieve a better financial future.

Statistically Speaking Thursdays. The statistics relating to Americans’ personal finances and money management abilities are staggering and scary. First Financial Security is creating and posting a series of infographics that illustrate the vastness of the problems and how financial education could, in many cases, help eliminate them.

Financial Fitness Fridays. First Financial Security ask the question, “How fit are your finances?” Check out these memes for tips for getting personal finances in shape.

Inspirational Weekends. Great quotes to motivate just about anyone to get educated about finances, so they can get on a path to financial security. Check out memes on FFS’ Facebook page on Saturdays and on the LiSA Facebook page on Sundays.

  1. LiSA Initiative and First Financial Security are empowering women and their families this Financial Literacy MonthFirst Financial Security, Inc., and the NFEC will send out two joint press releases to generate awareness of financial literacy and what is being done by these organizations and others like it to help people obtain the financial education they need and want.
  1. Articles will be posted weekly on, the FFS blog. Each of the blog posts for April will focus on a different aspect of the financial literacy story. Be sure to also look for additional articles in the newsrooms on and
  1. Finally, First Financial Security will roll out a new video about the growing crisis of financial illiteracy in this country and how they plan to use financial education to reverse the tide.

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