Financial Literacy and Education in minority communities

Black Wealth Alliance Joins Forces with First Financial Security, Inc. and LiSA Initiative

First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) welcomed members of the Black Wealth Alliance (BWA), led by Dr. George C. Fraser, to its Atlanta, GA headquarters on Oct. 27, 2015. The gathering, attended by the BWA’s six founding partners, as well as Co-CEOs Phil and Debbie Gerlicher and all FFS managers and above, was an opportunity for both organizations to discuss collaborative ventures that would help meet their organizational goals.

Dr. Fraser kicked off the meeting by sharing one of his beliefs – find a problem and fix it – something that the BWA and First Financial Security engage in every day. The BWA’s introduction to FFS came through LiSA Initiative, a grassroots movement sponsored by FFS to address the financial concerns that women and their families experience every day in this country.

A self-described “army of seasoned, principled and savvy business leaders committed to creating and transferring wealth in the black community,” the BWA describes the battle it is fighting as a “spiritual, moral and financial one.” Its mission to create a strategic alliance that “provides education, training and tools for building and sustaining intergenerational wealth” is in alignment with First Financial Security’s corporate vision, as well as its current campaign to change the face of insurance through diversity and innovation.

Black Wealth Alliance, Gloria Goins, Marlon Smith, William Patterson, Dr. Jennifer Jones

With the belief that insurance industry does not reflect today’s America and Americans, First Financial Security is directing its energies and resources to change by whom, to whom and how insurance is sold in the United States. FFS believes there are three key elements to help ensure people will achieve financial security and the peace of mind that comes with it now and for generations to come. Those include a solid financial education, innovative products, and an empowering entrepreneurial opportunity. This powerful combination provides people with the confidence to make smart decisions about their financial futures.

This is not the first time First Financial Security has worked with a Dr. Fraser-led organization. In June, FFS served as a Strategic Partner for Dr. Fraser’s Power Networking Conference. At the time, FFS Co-CEO and Chair of LiSA Initiative, Debbie Gerlicher expressed a sentiment that remains true today:

“FFS and LiSA are committed to you, Dr. Fraser,” Mrs. Gerlicher said. “We’re committed to this community, and we’re committed to our shared calling to help all people achieve financial security and peace of mind. Although our partnership is young, it is strong, and we are resolute in our desire that it be a long and lasting relationship.”

In addition to Dr. Fraser, other members of the Black Wealth Alliance attending the meeting were Shirley Johnson, William Patterson, Marlon Smith, Gloria Goins, and Dr. Jennifer Jones.