Meg Jones

Meet Meg Jones, Chief Administrative Officer 

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If there was a job to be done at First Financial Security during the past decade, Meg Jones probably did it at one time or another. Experience gained in the areas of Administration, Licensing and Contracting, Commissions, Sales Support, and Operations has only served to prepare Meg for her current role.

“If you took a picture of my career at FFS,” Meg says, with a smile, “the image would look more like a jungle gym rather than the traditional corporate ladder. I’ve gained valuable insights that help me every day to respond to the needs of our field leaders, Home Office team, and the people we serve.”

One of the many attributes Meg brings to her position is her sense of empathy. She’s open to listening to other points of view. Her willingness to ask questions first, to examine a situation from all perspectives, makes her a strong and trusted leader.

Meg brings more than 20 years of administrative and operational experience to First Financial Security.  After attending Florida State University, she began her career in the auditing practice of Deloitte & Touche in West Palm Beach, FL.

Prior to joining the company, Meg worked for an asset management firm in Florida and a mortgage company after moving to Atlanta, GA.  Meg joined First Financial Security in 2006 and has been instrumental in the growth and stability of the company.

To ensure that this upward trajectory continues, Meg believes it’s important to always look for ways to keep the business fresh, relevant and responsive. She works closely with Phil and Debbie Gerlicher, as well as the Corporate Leadership team, to transform challenges into opportunities.

One of these opportunities is for people to affect real change in their lives by becoming financially literate. FFS’ Financial Literacy program is based on the belief that if you provide people with a solid financial education, they will make smart choices about their finances. The result will be more and more people having the opportunity to achieve financial security.

The Financial Literacy program is the backbone of many FFS initiatives, including LiSA, FFS’ grassroots women’s movement. Meg is excited about the potential LiSA represents not only for American women, who are looking to realize their dreams, but also for FFS’ field force that now has the potential to reach a vast under-served market.

Helping FFS’ field representatives is one of the things Meg likes best about her job. She loves hearing their stories and seeing how FFS has had a positive impact on their families and businesses. One goal she has for FFS’ representatives is to see them save more money themselves.

“I encourage them to follow the advice they give to their clients,” Meg explains. “It’s not unlike the instructions we receive about the oxygen masks when we fly – ‘please put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.’ Our field needs to ensure they take care of their families first, then help others.”

Meg lives in the Johns Creek area with her husband, Scott. They have two adult daughters, and one granddaughter.  She’d like to carve out time to travel more.