Alex Wiggins

Meet Alex Wiggins, Manager of Information Technology

first financial security, Information Technology System AnalystAlex Wiggins is First Financial Security, Inc.’s resident Renaissance man. In addition to working as a Manager of Information Technology, he’s also First Financial’s unofficial, official company photographer, an avid gamer, music lover and father to a pair of very active five-year-old twin boys.

In his “day” job as a system analyst, Alex is busy troubleshooting computer issues the staff may have, filling tickets and fixing hardware and software issues that crop up. Also, he’s administrator for the exchange (email), website and network servers. He says he enjoys the variety his job brings to him every day.

Alex explains that he “grew up” with the Internet, beginning college at Clayton State University as everything associated with the World Wide Web started taking off. He earned a bachelor’s of arts degree and set out to begin a career in this fast-paced industry.

He started his own computer repair business and was doing well. While he got his business going, he did temp work. It was a temp job that brought Alex to First Financial Security.

“I was supposed to be here one day and I never left,” he says with a laugh. “I saw a need here that I could fill.”

His interest in photography grew out of his love for music. He purchased a camera that would allow him to shoot stills and video. Alex had his camera at the office one day. He’d been working on manipulating light and seeing how the camera performed.

When Alex showed what he was working on to an FFS colleague, he exclaimed, “You’re a really good photographer.” Next thing Alex knew, he was on his way to Phoenix and shooting photos at First Financial Security’s 2014 Leaders Convention. From there, Alex began photographing FFS’ events, meetings and in office activities.

Alex enjoys his new role documenting First Financial Security events with his camera.

“I like interacting with people,” Alex explains. “It’s amazing to see the range of emotions during an event. In the pictures I take, you’ll see happiness, excitement, concentration, intensity, you name it.”

It’s this human side of the business that Alex likes best. It’s a snapshot of what First Financial Security offers individuals and families – a business opportunity and a career that can change their lives now and for generations to come.