Victoria Le, Executive Field Chairman, Irvine, CA
“Some people, even after we’ve shared the power of the First Financial Security entrepreneurial opportunity with them, are hesitant about committing to it. Many times, they’re concerned about how they can start a business and take care of their families at the same time. I tell them, ‘You can do it!’ I share with them my story and help them see that the FFS opportunity puts them in control of their time, life and future.”

- Victoria Le, Senior Field Chairman, Irvine, CA

Victoria Le and Corey Vuu, First Financial Security, successful career, business opportunityExecutive Field Chairman Victoria Le is a dynamo.  A prolific producer, Victoria seems to have an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to her First Financial Security business. But most importantly, she’s found that balance between having a successful career and a happy family life. She’s on a mission to share this secret and the FFS entrepreneurial opportunity with everyone she meets.

Five years ago, when she first heard about the First Financial Security entrepreneurial opportunity, she already had a successful career that she loved as Director of Marketing for a local radio and television station. But the more she learned about FFS and the opportunity, the more she realized that she couldn’t afford to pass it up.

It wasn’t easy at first. She continued to work full time for the station, while pursuing the business on a part-time basis, all the while caring for her family that included a new baby girl, Bella. But with a strong commitment and organizational skills, as well as a laser-like focus, she saw her FFS business and her family flourish.

Victoria recommends that new recruits find the career/family balance that works for them from Day One.

“It’s important to always remember why you got into the business in the first place,” Victoria says. “For most people it’s to provide for their families.

“I always ask my new recruits: ‘how will you support your family if you walk away completely from your full-time job before your FFS business takes off? What good is it if you’re seeing the income from your efforts, but you never see your family.’ You have to make time for both. I tell them to keep their full-time job, run the business part time, and make sure you don’t miss the important moments in life. The FFS opportunity offers the flexibility to have two priorities in your life – your family and your business.”

Victoria encourages people to involve their families in their business as they’re building it. “It’s important that your family understands what it takes to start a business and how they can support you along the way. But support is a two-way street. It’s equally important that they see your commitment to them. They need to know that no matter how busy you become you will always be there and make time for them.

“This makes all the hard work worth it, and your success all the sweeter, when you can share it with your family, knowing they understand what you’ve accomplished to provide them with a secure future.”