Javier Rodriguez, Executive Field Chairman, Cerritos, CA
``First Financial Security’s entrepreneurial opportunity really does allow people to partake in an industry that traditionally has been available only to a few. Our crusade is to return the America Dream to people. The FFS opportunity, with its educational empowerment and the chance to be an entrepreneur, converts their dreams of success and financial security into reality.``

-Javier Rodriguez, Executive Field Chairman, Cerritos, CA

Javier Rodriguez, first financial security, opportunity, career change, additional incomeExecutive Field Chairman Javier Rodriguez has been with First Financial Security since the company opened its doors in 2006. The former police officer started his career with FFS on what he calls a “spare-time” basis. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur with a thriving business and offices in Irvine, the San Fernando Valley, Torrance and San Diego.

He credits his success to hard work and the FFS entrepreneurial opportunity, which has helped him grow professionally and personally. His people skills and relationships have been strengthened by what he has learned through the opportunity. He has been able to translate many of those same concepts into lessons for his three daughters, Lina (23), Sylvia (19) and Stephanie (16).

“The FFS entrepreneurial opportunity has allowed me to show my children the world,” Javier says. ‘We’ve traveled throughout North and South America, to Europe, and Hawaii many times thanks to the company’s reward trips and events.

“Most importantly, FFS has allowed me to give my children a stay-at-home mom.”

When asked what advice he’d give to someone just entering the business, Javier said that new associates should not underestimate the opportunity and their commitment to it.

“Whether you come into this business full-, part-, or spare time, like I did, you must not cheat yourself,” Javier explains. “Commit as much of your time and energy as possible, then give a bit more. You can always give more, and if you do, you’ll build your business bigger and enjoy more success than you ever thought possible.”