Changing The Face of Insurance

First Financial Security, Inc. is Changing the Face of Insurance. ™

First Financial Security is changing the face of insurance by throwing open the doors to all people who want to make this industry their life’s work and innovating the way business is done to help ensure all people achieve financial security and peace of mind.   First Financial Security, Inc. intends to affect change in the insurance industry in three ways:

Life Insurance, Innovation, Financial Services

First Financial Security, Inc. EFCs Javier & Marcela Rodriquez and their team at Leaders Convention 2015.

  • By whom insurance is sold: we will break down barriers to help ensure this is an inclusive industry and thereby help the industry as a whole reflect the new face of America.
  • To whom insurance is sold: financial services has overlooked underserved communities in the United States today. First Financial Security, Inc., through innovative products, entrepreneurial opportunity, and an emphasis on financial education, will help those underserved communities experience the generational benefits of a strong financial strategy.
  • How insurance is sold: we seek to open the eyes of an industry to the new American family.

Why should FFS change the face of insurance? According to Caitlin Bronson in her article “One in Four Insurance Agents will be Gone by 2018”, the average age of an American insurance agent is 59 years old.1 This means that ¼ of the industry’s sales force is expected to retire by 2018. Additionally, insurance is traditionally perceived as exclusive, boring, and money-driven, instead of people-centered. The industry as a whole has failed to adopt messaging strategies to counter these perceptions.

First Financial Security, Inc’s field force reflects the face of American today. We are diverse: from all walks of life, all cultures, all backgrounds, all corners of the country. We are eager: all want to create a better financial future for their families. We are generous: all participate in a culture that helps others achieve financial security and peace of mind.

1 Caitlin Bronson. “One in Four Insurance Agents will be Gone by 2018.” Insurance Business America > News. Feb. 23, 2015.